Create a Contingent Workforce Program That’s Right For You

Hybrid Managed Services for Contingent Workforce Management

Managing your healthcare organization is complicated. Finding the right talent at the right time, staying compliant, finding cost-effective payroll services solutions, and dealing with the challenges of co-employment; it can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming.

Is there a better way to managing your contingent workforce?

What if you could design a customized contingent workforce strategy that would allow you the choice to maintain your current supplier partnerships, have access to on-going VMS training and support and only implement third-party management MSP where it makes sense? All while keeping control of your data, having access to it all in one place, and saving your organization significant hard green dollars…

Adaptive Workforce Solutions has worked with hundreds of facilities just like yours across the country. We know your pain and we can provide relief.

We’ve created a healthcare management solution that utilizes a hybrid managed services (HMS) approach to your MSP and VMS needs. You can finally have the best of both worlds.

We partner with you and help you design a customized Contingent Workforce Program (CWP) that meets your organization’s needs and objectives.  Throughout this partnership, our consulting team will work closely with your stakeholders to build a HMS model best suited for your healthcare organization’s staffing and management needs.



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Get Your Customized Contingent Workforce Program (CWP)

Using A Hybrid MSP Approach, We Create A Customized Solution That Works For You

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Start Saving Time and Money

With Strategic Partnerships And Increased Efficiency, You’ll Reduce Your Costs And Improve Productivity

  • Keep Control of Critical Data
  • Access to Credentials all in one Place
  • Negotiating Partner for Staffing Suppliers
  • Ability to design model at labor category level
  • Strategic Software Partnerships
  • Self-Sufficient, Self-Funding
  • Increase ROI
  • Identify Your Own Talent
  • Reduce Pay Rate Mark Up
  • Reduce Risk
  • Option to Maintain Supplier Relationships
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Enhanced Compliance

Why Choose Adaptive Workforce Solutions?

At Adaptive Workforce Solutions, we consult with healthcare facilities of all sizes and specialties to design the right MSP/VMS model which could even include bringing an existing program in-house. We provide a comprehensive staffing analysis that details process efficiencies, temporary labor spend, utilization trends and risk across all departments.

Our goal is to ensure your organization is getting the most value and efficiency from your VMS/MSP relationships. As a healthcare recruiting and management firm, Adaptive Workforce Solutions offers a smarter, hybrid solution to overcoming the unique contingent workforce challenges of the healthcare industry.