Healthcare Management Consulting


A Smarter Workforce Solution for Your MSP and VMS Needs

At Adaptive Workforce Solutions, we consult with healthcare facilities to teach them how to bring their MSP services in-house and partner with a strategic VMS software partner. We provide a comprehensive staffing analysis that details process efficiencies, temporary labor spend, utilization trends and risk across all departments. Backed by 20 years of healthcare management experience, Adaptive Workforce Solutions provides a unique approach to healthcare MSP services. With the success of your healthcare facility in mind, our goal is to ensure your organization is getting the most value and efficiency from your VMS/MSP relationships.

Our mission is to advance excellence in healthcare delivery through a more efficient and strategic approach to healthcare management.”

The Innovative Hybrid Solution

As a leading healthcare consulting firm, Adaptive Workforce Solutions created an innovative solution with hybrid healthcare MSP services. This strategy addresses the unique contingent workforce challenges of the healthcare industry.

Adaptive Workforce Solutions becomes your partner in contingent healthcare management, but the secret of our strategy (shhhhh) is leaving control of your contingent workforce processes where it belongs – with you.

Keeping Control Where It Belongs

Identifying and deploying the right staff. Tracking credentials. Keeping costs down. Finding the right solution to your healthcare staffing goals. Meeting Joint Commission standards. It’s a lot to manage.

Adaptive Workforce Solutions specializes in healthcare MSP services and will help you find the right balance for effectively carrying out an effective contingent workforce strategy. One that will give back the control where it belongs – your organization.


The Adaptive Commitment

  • Support your efforts to run your healthcare MSP services in-house and keep your facility running at high efficiency, by providing access to reporting on market trends, market rate analysis and best practices.
  • Design a custom workforce program that resolves the unique challenges your organization is facing. Together, we’ll adapt it as your company grows and your contingent workforce needs change.
  • Choose the right VMS software for your specific needs, at a reduced fee, and set up automated processing to save you time and money.
  • Provide a consolidated and centralized solution to your contingent workforce credentials, data, and processes, allowing you access to it all in one place regardless of the type or source.
  • Negotiate favorable terms and rates with your suppliers i.e. bill rates, risk mitigation, temp to hire clause, no-call, no-show clauses, etc.
  • Attract and fill your open positions faster, from a larger, more talented and qualified pool of providers while allowing you the ability to manage and build your internal workforce database.
  • Ensure your organization stays 1099 provide payroll services that will help mitigate risk, reduce costs, and consolidate your contingent workforce data.
  • Collaborate with you regularly and at every stage. We support you in the design process and implementation and stay involved to ensure you remain on track with your contingent workforce goals.

Freedom And Flexibility

Regaining control of your contingent workforce processes through a customized strategic approach will allow you more freedom, access, and flexibility in all the most critical aspects of your organization. A healthcare management consulting professional will help you design a customized contingent workforce program.

Having a managed services partner rather than trying to execute contingent workforce processes on your own provides your organization with the best of both worlds in the healthcare MSP services and space. Adaptive is your personal MSP strategist. The efficiency of your temporary workforce operations is our specialty.


Whether you are currently working with a third party Managed Service Provider (MSP), considering the benefits an MSP has to offer or are thinking of developing an internally managed program — Adaptive Workforce Solutions will guarantee your organization is making an informed decision.

Choose to Stay in Control of Your Workforce Processes With Adaptive as Your Partner.