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Become an Adaptive Workforce Solutions Partner

The Adaptive Partner Advantage

If you are a service provider who works with healthcare facilities to assist in staffing contingent labor, then we can help you increase your options. As our staffing supplier partner, you’ll be in business with a true industry pioneer backed by significant expertise in healthcare and workforce management systems.

Expand Your Contract Labor Opportunities

Through a strategic partnership, we provide the opportunity for your staffing company to expand its reach into new territory. This enables greater access to and provides more contract labor opportunities for your current and prospective healthcare provider candidates.

This, in turn, results in an improvement in employee retention rate keeping loyal contingent workforce providers happy and employed.

Save Time and Boost Efficiency

With Adaptive as your staffing supplier partner in contingent healthcare staffing, you will experience a more streamlined process for managing and coordinating employee paperwork, invoicing and interviews. With a single point-of-contact for direct-hire and contingent staff requests, your agency will realize increased efficiency across all aspects of your contingent labor staffing processes.

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Why Partner With Adaptive Workforce Solutions?

  • Opportunity to expand client reach
  • Leverage our relationship
  • Fast and efficient contract process and insurance compliance
  • Opportunity to generate new business with facilities not already in your sales territory. Reduce your cost of sale.
  • A single point of contact for direct-hire and contingent staff requests
  • Save time and boost efficiency through a dedicated resource that will help you streamline processes for coordinating paperwork, invoicing and interviews
  • Improve employee retention by increasing the number of opportunities available for your candidates
  • Fair and competitive pricing and standardized bill rates
  • Payments are made timely and within net terms

Our staffing providers operate on an equal playing field without vendor bias. We are not a staffing company, so we do not compete for our clients’ orders. All qualified submittals go straight to the client manager. The client bases their hiring decisions on quality, availability, pricing and compliance.

We Look Forward to Establishing a Strategic Partnership With You