Hybrid Managed Services


Introducing a Hybrid Solution to Managed Services (HMS)

MSP Versus HMS

Adaptive Workforce Solutions has taken healthcare MSP to the next level by pioneering Hybrid Managed Services (HMS) for the healthcare industry. This hybrid approach to contingent workforce management keeps control where it belongs while offering any benefits a third-party provider could provide.

Many organizations opt to outsource their healthcare MSP/VMS services with the assumption that it will free up time, be less costly, and come with fewer headaches than operating their contingent workforce processes in-house.

But inevitably, over time, the realization that you aren’t in complete control of your information, database, suppliers, and processes sets in, creating a sense of chaos. As sensitive issues and information are being handled or managed across various third-party departments and/or people, this creates its own set of headaches. Here’s where hybrid managed services steps in.


The Truth About an In-House MSP Approach

Managing your contingent workforce processes in-house is presumed to be stressful because potential issues can arise that your administrative team may feel unqualified or inadequate to handle that would typically be the cause of much frustration and confusion. Things like staying up to speed on changing VMS technology or compliance, report-writing and delivery, the challenge of keeping open positions staffed, or having in-house legal counsel for temporary employment law issues.

But here’s a new truth that may surprise you…a hybrid managed services approach addresses and eliminates all of these issues while, at the same time, improving workforce efficiency and saving your organization significant hard green dollars across the board.


We’ve Changed the Game

Up to now, there have only been two options – outsource your MSP or operate it in-house (with little to no support.) Adaptive’s unique hybrid managed services approach now changes the health care MSP game.

Fortunately, with this best-of-both-worlds option, where everybody wins, you can be confident your organization will remain competitive, compliant and in control…at all times.

The Hybrid Managed Services (HMS) concept is executed with the support of a hybrid managed services partner (HMSP) and is unique to the healthcare industry. Regaining control, saving hard green dollars and optimizing your contingent workforce are just a few of the benefits to be expected with this hybrid contingent workforce management solution.

Adaptive offers the expertise, support, and experience that you need in a business partner. We help customize a contingent workforce program that’s unique and will create maximum efficiency and productivity within your healthcare organization.

Advantages of a Hybrid Healthcare MSP Solution:

  • Gives you and your administration complete control over the most critical contingent workforce processes. This allows your staff to facilitate time-sensitive changes on your schedule rather than a third party’s.
  • Ensures that open positions are filled as quickly as possible and with providers you know will be the best fit for your healthcare provider team.
  • Provides the ability to update and process your contingent workforce credentials on demand.
  • Gives you access to and puts all of your contingent workforce data in one place regardless of its type or source.
  • Provides your staff with on-going training and support for new up-to-date product implementation in order to maintain efficiency-optimized technology and processing.
  • Gives you access to your hybrid managed services partner’s in-house legal counsel for any employment law issues.
  • Is a negotiating partner for all your supplier contracts ensuring that you get the most competitive rates and staffing suppliers with access to top talent of healthcare providers.
  • Conducts a quarterly evaluation of your customized contingent workforce program to ensure your organization stays on track with your contingent workforce management objectives.

Partnering With a Hybrid Managed Services Provider

If you are convinced of the advantages of a true customized MSP by partnering with a hybrid managed services provider, and you’d like to discuss customized options, Adaptive Workforce Solutions is here to help.

An expert consultant will review your current workforce management strategies, and together you can design a customized solution based on your organization’s specific challenges and requirements. Adaptive will provide on-going support as we work hand-in-hand to accomplish your business goals.

Contact us today and a healthcare management consultant will help you on your way to increasing efficiency and saving your organization valuable time and money.

As a Hybrid Managed Services Provider, Adaptive Workforce Solutions Partners With Healthcare Facilities and Practices of all Sizes and Specialties.