Contingent Healthcare Payroll Services


Payroll Services That Reduce Risk and Pay Rate Mark Up

The Best Person for Your Job May be Someone You Already Know

Our payroll services option is designed for our healthcare clients that have identified temporaries, contract workers or independent contractors (IC) that meet their current requirements. Our cost-effective payroll service is a flexible staffing alternative without long-term hiring commitments.

Many healthcare organizations utilize our payroll services option for project-based work; temp to hire (try before you commit); returning retires, interns, and consultant work. We make it simple…identify the contract worker that meets your needs and place them on our payroll. We’ll take it from there.

By taking advantage of a more flexible staffing alternative; utilizing our proven procedures and technology; doing away with long-term hiring commitments and delivering payroll services at a drastically reduced markup over the employee’s pay rate (compared to a staffing supplier bill rate), the result is a more cost-efficient payroll services solution.


Our Payroll Services Program Offers the Following Benefits for Non-Employee Professionals and Our Clients:

  • Fast and efficient on-boarding of the non-employee worker
  • Paperless time and expense reporting
  • Direct deposit
  • Benefit management
  • General and professional liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • State and federal unemployment insurance
  • Processing of year-end W-2s
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Comprehensive management reporting


This reduction in cost-to-process delivers immediate savings to your organization while providing you the control and flexibility to staff your healthcare organization. Schedule a workforce management consultation to discuss payroll services with Adaptive Workforce Solutions.


Avoid Costly Fines

With unpredictable and ever-changing healthcare legislation and the government’s eagle-eye on employment and tax laws, it has become imperative that healthcare facilities find a more cost-effective payroll services solution for their contingent workforce. This option ensures that you maintain compliance, reduce co-employment and stay aligned with industry best practices.

As the employer of record, we handle employee payment, employee relations and adherence to our client’s organizations guidelines. Onboarding services include credential validation and tracking; and background and drug screenings.


See What Working With Healthcare Payroll Services Professionals Like Adaptive Workforce Solutions can do for Your Organization.