VMS Consulting Services


VMS Solutions That Improve ROI and Expand Your Labor Pool

Strategic Partnerships

Adaptive Workforce Solutions provides Vendor Management Software (VMS) consulting services within the healthcare realm. With decades of experience working inside the MSP/VMS space and a vast amount of industry knowledge, Adaptive has been able to form strategic partnerships that allow healthcare facilities to realize an even better ROI and level of control within their healthcare managed services and vendor management systems. 

Our expert healthcare software consulting professionals strategize with your team to create a VMS strategy which incorporates our unique hybrid MSP approach and is customized to fit each facility’s needs. Each strategy reflects consideration of company culture, and individual contingent workforce objectives.


Which VMS is Best?

Whether you’re looking to engage a new vendor management software provider, evaluate your current provider or develop an internal system, our VMS consulting services enable you to assess your VMS options for staffing and help you make a thoughtful decision.

Our VMS consulting professionals will walk you through the entire process of accurately assessing where your organization is today, and help you determine the vendor management software that will best meet your organization’s specific needs.

When selecting a vendor management software, much of the decision depends on the size and scope of your contingent labor pool. Our insights into the industry, process, and technology of healthcare MSP/VMS ensure you ask all the right questions.

Questions to Consider When Choosing an MSP/VMS Solution:

  • What is the size and scope of our current flexible workforce management?
  • What does our temporary labor pool consist of? Locum, travelers, per diem, registry, temp to hire or project?
  • What are the skill-sets does your organization use? Physicians, nursing, allied, EVS, administration, IT, engineering?
  • What are the specific pain points in our current state?
  • How will our organization determine ROI? What are the ROI drivers?
  • Where does VMS implementation fit into the hierarchy of other business-wide initiatives?
  • How will the VMS be integrated with our other systems?
  • How will we maintain our relationships with suppliers and perform tasks such as benchmarking and tracking?
  • Is there an implementation plan and team in place who can help steer the project and make sure objectives are met?
  • What is our alternate model for flexible workforce management if a VMS is not implemented?

Need Advice Regarding Your Current or Proposed MSP and VMS Systems?